The new baby reindeer Santa raises each year is always of interest and we receive a lot of questions about them. This year, it’s a girl!

Santa is always asking for ideas and suggestions for reindeer names. He loves to hear ideas from kids from all over. One of his most favorite new names he gave a reindeer last year was “Barney”. Mrs. Claus sometimes participates in naming the reindeer. Santa spends a lot of time on this activity and he considers giving the reindeer their names one of the most important things that he does.

The roots of Santa’s magical flying reindeer date back nearly two centuries, to the classic holiday poem that first appeared in upstate New York, “The Night Before Christmas.” There is a children’s book entitled “Santa’s Reindeer Story”, it is a children’s book that explains in a fun and imaginative way how Santa decided on the reindeer’s names based on their personality traits.

Here is an excerpt:

“When Dasher was born, Santa noticed almost immediately that he was a natural born leader. As a young buck he displayed a self-confidence that was unusual for such a young deer. He soon grew to be a very determined and brave leader in Santa’s herd. Santa felt that the name Dasher suited him perfectly.”


So, this Christmas 2020, Santa wants help with the important job of naming the newest reindeer. Can you think of a good name? Send them through Santa letters Australia and we’ll name them before Christmas Eve!

 Some tips for giving a name for the newest reindeer:

  • Choose a famous name. You might want to name the reindeer after a famous historical pet, so that she may grow up to be famous too.
  • Choose a character trait.  You can name it after that trait. If it’s affectionate, you may name it Sweetie; if it runs fast, you may want to consider the name Speedy.
  • Choose a name that begins with a hard consonant.  “K”, “T”, “M” or “S” are much more easily and quick to say than names that begin with vowels.
  • Choose a fictional character. You can name her after a fictional character, a cartoon or TV character, or perhaps a character from a children’s book and see how it sounds.
  • Keep it short. Notice that all the reindeers have short names. We want to keep the tradition.
  • Search the Internet.

 We’ll be waiting for your responses!