It’s Christmas and Santa’s on his way to deliver presents! Are you ready for Santa’s sleigh to come to your house next? Everyone has their own traditional image of Santa’s sleigh, but there is almost certainly more to it than just a sled and a team of eight reindeer. Let’s claim it, it’s a magical Christmas 2021! On Christmas eve, millions of children around the world will settle anxiously into bed, hardly able to contain themselves.

Christmas is just around the corner. And we all know what that means! In just a few weeks, your roof will be turned into a landing spot for Santa’s sleigh and his reindeers.

Let’s see how Santa’s sleigh interior this year!

The sleigh’s dashboard is dominated by Santa’s own Australia GPS navigator, how cool is that?! This is so the elves could map out Santa’s millions of stops for their nice certificate and gifts. The sleigh definitely has a built-in “Naughty-or-Nice” sensor that keeps Santa updated on children’s activities, right down to the last minute. This is important, as even the most minor of naughty deeds committed within the final few hours of Dec. 24 can determine whether children get what’s on their gift list or they instead receive shiny lumps of coal.

And of course, for Santa to monitor his flying speed, the sleigh also has a speedometer. Santa can be out for la long period, to keep Santa in constant communication with Mrs Claus and with elves in the North Pole, a state-of-the-art radio is also included in his sleigh. This radio is also used to keep track of weather conditions all throughout Australia.

Now, for the bag of toys, Santa has a magical compartment that can fit millions of gifts and nice gift certificates. And the sleigh flies with the help of pixie dust!

Before Santa comes, you ought to remember to trim overhanging branches. That way, you’ll ensure he makes a clean landing on the roof and his sleigh and reindeers doesn’t get caught up in them. Have a Merry Christmas 2021!


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