Have you ever wondered about the names of the reindeer, who help Santa deliver gifts to us? It is because of reindeer that Santa can travel the whole world in one night and deliver presents to the good kids out there.

Let’s have a look at the names of the reindeer Santa has and the history behind those names.

  • Dasher: Dasher is speedy, and it is his lightning-fast speed that gave him this name. He loves to go fast and be the front-runner.
  • Blitzen: Similar to dasher, Blitzen also got this name because of lightning fast speed. With his blistering speed, he helps Santa to deliver presents across the globe in one night.
  • Dancer: There are no points for guessing why dancer got this name. She excels in all kinds of dance. When the Christmas season is over, her favourite pass time is to take part in different dance competitions.
  • Vixen: He is smart and tricky, and precisely, this is why he got this name. He is known for his smart magic tricks.
  • Prancer: Looking the best of the reindeer is Prancer’s main motive. He is energetic, enthusiastic, and affectionate; hence, the name Prancer.
  • Cornet: Cornet got his name because of his good looks. He is always smiling, welcoming, and exhibits the best behaviour. He also loves to help others and inspire everyone to do the same.
  • Cupid: This reindeer got the name of ‘Cupid’ as she loves to spread the love. She is a joyful, affectionate reindeer who is always bringing people closer.
  • Donner: Donner got this name because of deep and noticeable voice. Wherever he goes, everyone takes notice of his thunderous voice.
  • Rudolph: Rudolph has a distinct look because of his bright red nose, which he can bring to good use to guide Santa in darkness. He got his name because of this different look.
  • Olive: She is intelligent and smart. She admits when she makes mistakes and knows how to apologize. Due to her good-natured personality, she got this name Olive.

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