When the Christmas season is nearing, millions of people are on the lookout for the ideas for Christmas stocking fillers. Finding the ideas for stuffing the fillers and shopping for the same adds to the fun element and celebration of the Christmas, the joyous and jubilant festival of the year.

In this post, we are shedding light on some of the most popular Christmas stocking fillers. Have a look at them:

For Girls:

It goes without saying that girls love jewellery. They love to doll up themselves with some pretty ornaments. Thus, quality accessories such as delicate and beautiful bracelets, hair clips, and other such items are their favourite stocking fillers. Furthermore, they also love cosmetics. Thus, shiny lip gloss, nail paints, mascaras etc. can also be included in the popular Christmas stocking fillers for girls.

Some girls are more practical than others, for them, popular stocking fillers are fancy notebooks, pens, and stickers that they can paste into their notebooks. Furthermore, they also like colourful pencils and other stationary items in their Christmas stocking fillers.

Soft toys, Barbie dolls, and handbags are other popular Christmas stocking fillers for girls. Lastly, their love for chocolates and candies are known to one and all. Thus, they can also be included in the list of popular Christmas stocking fillers for girls.

For Boys

Boys love video games. However, it is a wise idea to leave them for their main Christmas gift. Among the most popular Christmas stocking fillers, small cars and bikes rank above everything else. Furthermore, slingshot flying monkey can also be added to the list as they are fairly popular among kids.

Boys love to flaunt their fancy yo-yo among their friends. Thus, they are also popular Christmas stocking fillers around the world.

Other stocking fillers that are popular among boys are school supplies, 3D puzzles, and magic cards.










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