Surprise your child with a certificate from Santa!

Our Santa certificates that also come along with other special surprises from the North Pole are a great way to remind kids that their achievements, effort and behaviour has been noticed and carries with it consequences – whether good or bad.

Celebrate good behaviour

When your kids do the right thing, are working hard or have achieved something great you want to make sure their good behaviour and effort is rewarded – and what better way than with a certificate from Santa that captures their good deeds?

Order your certificate from Santa

Santa’s Nice List Certificate

Your child will receive the following certificate and you can completely personalise it to your needs.

Faster than the North Pole Express!

Posted from the North Pole as soon as you order it, the certificate (along with other surprises) will magically arrive in Australia for internal posting the very next day! You’ll also be pleased to know that as Santa’s Aussie helpers we are easily contacted by phone or email to help with any questions or assistance.

Order your certificate from Santa

So how does it work?

Unlike getting kids to listen to what you are saying, it’s super easy!

  1. Fill out the online form which will capture the details for Santa’s letter
  2. Fill in the payment details
  3. Place your order

An email confirmation will be sent to you, so you know the order has been placed. Then it’s just a matter of keeping an eye out in the mail. Simple!

Why not give them a little North Pole inspiration? Order your certificate from Santa today!

Order your certificate from Santa