Have you ever got this question in your mind that Is Santa Claus Real? Well, the answer is Yes! Mr. Claus
exists and it is he who has been delivering gifts to young boys and girls for centuries.

The story of a jolly man dressed up in red started with the birth of St. Nicolas in about 270 A.D. in the
area which is now Turkey in the modern world. Nicholas was a very kind and generous man
always ready to help everyone. He gave away all his wealth and helped the father of those girls to
get their dowry so they can get married.

Nicholas was widely popular for his generosity all around.

Origin of the Name

The name Santa Claus came from Nicholas’s Dutch nickname, Sinter Klaas.

Now after knowing all the history if you still have some doubts about Santa’s existence let me get you
through these. Yes, it is Santa who puts big wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree and fills those
stockings with sweets, hanged on chimneys a night before Christmas.

Yes, it is his generosity that he brings stuff for everyone and makes everybody feel special on this great
festival of Christmas. You might be thinking that it’s your parents who put these gifts for you. Do you
really think that your parents put those expensive gifts?

If someone comes and says that Santa is not real just ask them to prove. They might bring scientific
pieces of evidence but it will be based on things they have researched on or have studied about and not
on things they haven’t known about. You cannot know all about everything and most important
conclusions are based on findings and not on what can’t be found.

Most of all is that Santa lives in our heart and as the time Christmas comes we began to do all the
preparations and decorations from the end of November with high hopes and expectations that this
year Santa will get our favorite thing for us as a Christmas gift. That connection or feeling of
belongingness towards Santa Claus proves that he is real and surely he is the one who has been bringing
gifts for all of us for years. And that he never gets weary or refuses to come on any Christmas instead he
feels joy and becomes happier by seeing the kids happy on receiving their gifts and sweets.

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