Born in 270 A.D Santa turns 1750 years in 2020. Yes! You get it right, Mr. Claus is almost two thousand years old and if we say that he is immortal there will be nothing wrong in it. The big man wrapped in a red suit having a long white beard has been delivering gifts to young boys and girls for centuries.

 How Santa looks so young?

Despite being too old Santa still looks as he is just 73 years old. It may be due to the jolly nature that keeps him lively and young. And that evergreen sparkle in his eyes when he plays riddles with kids. Or those pink cheeks and wrinkleless face is may be due to the magic powder that Mrs. Claus uses in Santa’s favorite cookies and a milkshake.

Why Santa Claus never tells his age?

Whenever you ask Santa about his age he’ll play riddles with you and will never tell his real age. Sometimes he’ll say that he is older than your great grandparents but younger than dinosaurs.

He never tells about his age as he thinks that in the future if people will get access to time machines and will be able to travel in the past they will get to about his birth and powers and Santa never wants to reveal them.

Another reason that he didn’t tell his exact age is that Mrs. Claus might get offended as people can get an idea of her age through Santa Claus’s age. And being a woman she doesn’t want to disclose her real age.

How Santa tells about his age?

When we ask Santa how old is he? He will play riddles in his jolly manner and will say I’m as old as my nose or sometimes will say I’m slightly older than my teeth but younger than nails of the toe. Mr. Santa always hides his age because maybe he himself couldn’t recall how old he is. Every time he tries to count how many Christmas he has celebrated he falls asleep before reaching 500. And that’s why couldn’t calculate how old is he.


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