Mr. Santa Claus has thousands of Elves to help him make toys throughout the year for Christmas. It is said that he had around 90,000 elves last year and as the number of Elves increases each it is expected that Santa is might have 110,000 Elves this year.

What Actually are they?

They are tiny magical creatures that live with Santa on the North Pole and perform different duties to help Mr. Claus. They are about 4 feet tall and like to eat cookies, chocolates, and candies. Their bodies are specially designed to live in the North Pole as they never get cold even being in the snow all year long. They also have special Elves clothes which keep them warm. They live in small cottages that are very colorful and bright. There is also a tradition in their community to decorate their cottages and they also have cottage decorating competition every year. In which they decorate their cottages with lights, candies, chocolates, and bright colors. The one who wins the competition gets a special gift from Santa Claus.

What do the Elves do?

They perform all the jobs from making toys for boys and girls to wrapping them. Some of the them also work as teachers and give workshops on bow making, gift wrapping, etc. One of the most important jobs done by these elves is to manage the mailing department. They make sure that all the letters sent by children around the world are kept with care and that Santa reads every letter himself. Along with making toys, they also bake cookies with Mrs. Claus and make sweets and candies for kids. They also take care of Santa’s reindeers and some of them come with Santa night before Christmas to deliver the presents as they have to deliver gifts to almost 2 billion kids in this way elves help Santa so that he does not get tired.

 Names of Santa’s Elves

Santa has almost around 100,000 elves that work for him. It will not be practically possible to mention the names of all of them. Here are the famous names of Santa’s Elves:

Jingles, Charlie, Buddy, Jax are famous boy elf names and

Princess cupcake, Nellie, Trixie, Elfie are famous girl elf names.


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