Australians also leave cookies for the Santa to snack on, but they replace the glass of milk with a cold glass of beer. December is actually summer for Australia, so the glass of beer might be just what Santa needs in the hot weather.

When you think of magical Santa, exactly one outfit comes to mind: boots, a red suit with white trim, and a matching stocking cap. With all the snacks and beer(burrrp!) that Santa has to snack on Christmas Eve, maybe you are wondering how does he fit will all that?

Simple, he wears a magical suit!

Now, now, settle down… have you ever wondered too how all the toys fit in Santa’s bag? Well, the suit and the bag are from the same magical fabric. They can stretch without anyone noticing it. Though Santa has really a big tummy (whoops! Sorry Santa!), the suit has a design to keep him that way because it has magic!

So you see, Santa lives in magical world in North Pole. He has magical reindeers that can fly him and gifts all over Australia, and he has a magical sleigh that can carry him and millions of toys. So definitely, Santa has also a magical suit that can snappily fit him, even with all the snacks he’s been left on Christmas Eve.

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