In his recent interview, Santa revealed that yes he along with his family and elves celebrate Halloween. On the North Pole, he does all the decorations and hosts a party. The decorations are done in a manner to not include anything negative or conveying evil power messages such as graveyards, skeletons, horror faces, zombies and vampires, etc. Mr. Claus only uses pumpkin Jack o lanterns to arrange a Halloween themed party.

The Elves of Mr. Claus make these lanterns and other decorations. Elves get on their costumes and the main thing they are excited for, on Halloween is to get candies from Santa. They then go out for trick o treating. Among all the candies, chocolates, lollipops, and sweets the most favorite of all is peppermint. Elves then count their candies and they eat around thousands of candies in one night.

Santa Claus celebrates Halloween to promote non-evil magic and discourage evil magic practices. He appreciates magic tricks performed by children. Being known for generosity and kindness Santa always wants to create a positive impression on the community and does not want anything negative, horror to come up.

In his party, he also makes a haunted house with very mild and few horror things for kids. So they can enjoy the Halloween themed party to its full.

Santa stays in on the Halloween morning as it is believed that the evil powers are stronger during the early morning hours. So he stays at home and relaxes on his sofa and enjoys his favorite chocolate chip cookies made by Mrs. Claus.

Santa celebrates Halloween as he believes that we should dodge and fight the evil powers and anything brings out negativity. And should encourage the little enjoyment of kids when they perform their magic tricks and we should appall them by giving small gifts and candies and that’s how the event should be celebrated.


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