Mistletoe is the green shrub with small flowers in yellow colour. They have white, sticky berries and remind us of the celebrations of Christmas. The origin of Mistletoe goes back to the pagan history. Different theories about their association with Christmas are floating around. Let’s shed some light on few of them.

Celtic Druids used mistletoe for ceremonial purposes. As per them, this plant had magical healing powers; thus, the celebration of the festive season was considered to be incomplete if no tribute was paid to mistletoe. As per their belief, the story of Goddess Frigga promoted this concept that mistletoe had magical healing powers. It was believed that under this plant, no person could be harmed by anything.

This story became immensely popular. Thus, Christian’s also took the essence from it and the life-restoring properties of Mistletoe and made it a vital part of their Christmas celebrations.

During the middle age, Mistletoes were hung from ceilings. The purpose of this practice was to prevent the evil spirits from entering the home. Moreover, it was believed that mistletoe revives and restore the goodness. Another tradition that is followed globally is kissing under this plant. It was a part of primitive marriage rites of Saturnalia celebrations as it is considered to be the icon of peace by Scandinavians.

As per Christian’s domain of belief, mistletoes are considered to be as the symbol of fertility and life. This is why this plant makes for an important part of the Christmas celebrations.

All in all, the essence and celebrations of the Christmas are not the same without mistletoe. It can be safely said that this plant has become one of the most recognized Christmas celebration symbols.










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