Children’s Holiday expectation are non-comparable, to anything! Their excitement is second to none when it comes to Christmas, and because of this, children will actually get less relaxed time with the parent. Meanwhile, the parent will tend to have higher expectations of good behavior than usual on their children. You can see where this is heading! It’s heading towards disaster, right?

Children’s hopes soar high in anticipation of the holidays. Sometimes they can’t go another moment without exploding in some sort of feeling whether it be good or bad. We need to remember that they still need to have their chance to cry, express their disappointment or be silly for a while. When they are done with these exploding emotions, they can usually feel your love again.

What better way to slow down a bit their pace than telling them if they behave they will be included in the nice list certification Australia? Or alternatively, Christmas bedtime stories! Bedtime stories have long been known to foster parent-child bonds and settle them down…for a while.

We all know, our little ones are too excited to sleep during Christmas Eve, so why not settle them down with Christmas Tales. Aside from the classic Christmas bible stories, you can read to your children a lot of other lovely Christmas themed books.

Here are a few to read to your kids during the holiday season.


  • Christmas Wombat by Jackie French: Wonder what happens when a wombat becomes a stowaway on Santa’s sleigh? Follow this carrot loving wombat on a Christmas adventure like no other.


  • An Aussie Night Before Christmas by Yvonne Morrison & Kilmeny Niland: Santa wears thongs, drives a ute and has kangaroos instead of reindeer.


  • Where’s Santa? by Louis Shea: Santa is visiting his cousin Barry when all hell breaks loose. The Reindeers are causing problems on the farm so Santa and Barry have to put everything right.


  • Santa’s Aussie Holiday by Maria Farrer & Anna Walker: Where does Santa go when he needs a break? Australia of course! He travels from the Great Barrier Reef to Rottnest Island as he takes a break from delivering all those presents.


  • Santa is True Blue by Anne Mangan: Jack and Hannah decide to make over Christmas. Out with the snow and the reindeer and in with the Roos and all things Aussie. They need Santa’s help to make the transformation complete.


  • An Aussie Day before Christmas Board Book by Kilmeny Niland: Based on the classic Night Before Christmas take Kilmeny Niland has instead written all about the day before Christmas. Of course, Santa is in Aussie and lives in a beach shake with his missus Sheila and it follows all the fun they have the day before Christmas.

And many more…

During the holiday season, be intentional about the expectations you set for your children. Talk less about the gifts under the tree and more about family, friends and your faith. The holidays also provide the perfect opportunity for children to hear family stories passed down through the generations.


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