For millions of boys and girls on the nice list Santa Claus is coming to town. To make sure the man with the white beard and red suit can deliver all his gifts on time again this year, Santa has international clearance to fly in Australia in 2021!

We have received Santa’s flight schedule. He has informed us that he is bringing Mrs. Claus to meet all the nice folks in Australia! Don’t miss out! !Santa has a lot of gifts to distribute for kids on Christmas eve, so probably, he’ll just be over Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, or Perth for a short time.

As Santa Claus departs the North Pole on Christmas Eve, Australia federal agencies are working to ensure a smooth trek to deliver gifts to kids of all ages. The only red tape Santa and the Reindeers may encounter will be wrapped around packages going to homes across the country.

Santa, won’t need a special visa or have to wade through customs on his way to Australia. It is certain: Santa Claus has a diplomatic passport and is free to travel anywhere in the Australia. The international airways has been cleared Santa for his trip after securing all pertinent documentation from his entourage.

Meanwhile, the department’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has completed a risk and vulnerability assessment of Santa’s Workshop and is monitoring Santa’s network 24/7 to keep it secure from hackers to ensure that no children are removed from the Nice List and put on the Naughty List. Rooftops of bad kids were not on approved flight schedule, apparently.

In conclusion, Santa not only gives toys away but does it in style. He lands on your roof top, climbs down the chimney and place presents both in your stockings and around your Christmas tree. However, to receive Santa’s good will, you have to be well behaved all year round. If your behavior was less than satisfactory, you risk receiving nothing this Christmas season.

A lot of boys and girls across the country will be eagerly awaiting Santa – but he will only come if you’re asleep!


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