Does Santa celebrate Halloween?

In his recent interview, Santa revealed that yes he along with his family and elves celebrate Halloween. On the North Pole, he does all the decorations and hosts a party. The decorations are done in a manner to not include anything negative or conveying evil power messages such as graveyards, skeletons, horror faces, zombies and [...]

Christmas bedtime stories

Children’s Holiday expectation are non-comparable, to anything! Their excitement is second to none when it comes to Christmas, and because of this, children will actually get less relaxed time with the parent. Meanwhile, the parent will tend to have higher expectations of good behavior than usual on their children. You can see where this is [...]

How much does Santa Weigh?

Hello hello? The time of the year is coming when all the streets will be lighted, everyone will rush to prepare for the celebrations of the big day. There will huge excitement in the atmosphere and surroundings. Yes! You get me right it's going to be Christmas. With the socks hanged near the fireplace. Every [...]


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