I bet you know at least 1 or 2 if not all of them Santa’s reindeer from the 1949 hit ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ (gotcha! you probably sang that in your head), but where did they originate from and are there 8 or 10 of them?

Okay, so let us first go back to basic. The origin of Santa’s Reindeer.

The names of Santa’s reindeer come from the 1823 poem The Night Before Christmas, which was originally called A Visit from St. Nicholas. However, the surge in popularity of the song Rudolph The Red Nosed-Reindeer in 1949 resulted in Rudolph joining the group and bringing the pack to nine.


“A Visit from St. Nicholas,” the origin poem for Santa’s reindeer, saves Blitzen for last, and that’s because he’s the best. Mighty, true, and resilient, Blitzen is a king among reindeer, the one true leader.


Vixen is so much more than just “the girl reindeer,” but she struggles to get credit for her efforts in a buck-dominated field. It’s hard being the only female reindeer on the team despite showing the same endurance and strength as her sleigh-pulling peers.


Donner is a skilled reindeer. Some call him Dunder? Donder? No one knows, including Donner. He takes his reindeer duties very seriously and thinks the younger generation of reindeer have been spoiled by all those participation ribbons Santa awards at the reindeer games nowadays.


The smartest member of Santa’s sleigh team, Comet can be a bit pretentious. He has a surprisingly arrogant attitude for a blue collar caribou. He’s made it known on many occasions that he’s too good to pull a sleigh with the likes of Dasher. Comet isn’t the fastest or the strongest, but the others ignore his snobbery because he’s the best problem-solver on the team.


He’s the most stubborn of all the reindeer, refusing to adjust his stride to match other reindeer’s and insisting instead on an exaggerated strut that often slows the team down.  He’s a valuable part of the team, but he’d be more efficient if he was more willing to compromise and less concerned about himself.


He’s upbeat and friendly, Dancer desperately wants to leave the North Pole. He’s a fine reindeer, but his heart isn’t in his work, and it shows.


Santa’s guiding light, Rudolph joined after the original 8. He is a shy reindeer and at first was very self-conscious about himself and his red nose which many used to make fun of.  The rookie reindeer with the famous nose has a big heart and is arguably the cutest of all the reindeer, but his insecurity makes him pretty manipulative. He does a great job of guiding the sleigh, but he frequently plays the victim.

Santa’s Dasher

Dasher is the fastest of all the reindeer, and he never shuts up about it. He’s always challenging the other reindeer to race him and bragging about his new best mile time. He’s a skilled but reckless reindeer.

Santa’s Cupid

Always last to line up for sleigh drills, Cupid is an angry drunk that routinely harasses the elves. Cupid has a reputation for being messy and trampling satellite dishes.

So, which of the reindeer do you see yourself? Or do you know one whose comparable with them, share with them by sending them Christmas letters Australia.